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Metatrader Indicator Price Sound Alert - Update Log

MT4 Price Alert Indicator Updates

This page is to inform users of coming soon updates and previous updates.

Coming soon to next version release

None at this time. Open to user suggestions.


Now available in version 2.1

1. The Price Sound Alert Indicator will be renamed as the MT4 Price Alert Indicator.

2. New "toggle switch" for minimizing/ maximizing to save on chart space and display wanted features only.

3. Support for Gold and Silver alerts and use of a "default" alert for exotic "non-standard" currency pairs.

4. Eliminating the scripts. Alert levels will be placed using "push button" technology.

5. Simple toggle allows user to choose either price labels or price lines for their alert levels.

6. Lines or Labels will be automatically "selected". User will not have to click or double click to activate.

7. Additonal settings to accompany new cell phone technologies for "text alerts".

8. Optional display on/off of Spread monitor which tracks broker's highest/lowest spread each day.

9. Updated visual asthetics.

10. Implementing MT4 latest coding/ programming language for reliablity.

11. Updated user friendly interface.

12. Updated videos and PDF Indicator manual.

13. Addition of an alert message box.

14. Faster interaction and reliability using Metatrader's "OnChart" programming features.

15. Optional display of "spread gauge" for choosing low spread trade entries.

16. Update to internal coding structure for a faster more reliable user experience.

17. Set individual alert levels to trigger on either Bid price or Ask price.

18. Push Notifications to mobile MT4 accounts.

19. Updates are FREE to current users, however to support time and effort, price for new users will increase to $25 USD.


*We don't assume what traders want. We LISTEN to what they want. Have an idea? - We'd love to hear about it! If it's sensible, popular, and makes the vote among our crew, we will add it to our next update! Just throw us an email about your new indicator idea or feature you would like to see added.


*If you are a broker, teacher, or trade forum operator, we offer an inexpensive "one time" commerical license option which allows you to distribute "not sell" to your clients as a part of your trading or charting package. In the past this has shown to maintain customer/client loyalty while adding an increase in overall sales and sign ups. Contact us for pricing and information.

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