Trade Metatrader 4 charts with the new MT4 Push Button Trader for extra fast trade executions. Use simple Metatrader 4 "Push Buttons" to place any type of trade. This click button indicator will open both pending orders and market orders for long buy and short sell trades. Stoploss and take profit prices are added to each trade.

Traders no longer need to enter trade values using Metatrader's time consuming trade window. Lot sizes are based on risk percentage of your trading account as custom set by you the trader. This eliminates the need for a calculator or risk reward indicator.

Push Button Trader attaches to your chart and makes placing trades fast and efficient. Works on all Forex pairs including Gold and Silver. Designed for the Metatrader 4 trading platform installed on a PC using Windows 7 or newer.

Faster Than the Trade Window
Calculates Risk % Lot Size
Auto Detects Limit and Stop Orders
Built In Margin Protector
Easy Push Button Trading
How to Video and User Manual
Includes Free Updates
Includes Free Support
Lifetime User License


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