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Round Numbers Indicator 1

Round Numbers Indicator 2

MT4 Round Numbers Indicator

Professional traders and seasoned traders often use round numbers. Since here we strictly focus on pro trading tools only, we added this custom round numbers indicator for Metatrader 4 which you can download free.

Indicator settings allow the following: Change line colors. Plot indicator lines to background or foreground (as seen in these two chart pictures).

How to Install: Open Metatrader 4 Data Folder. Click MQL4, then Indicators. Copy and paste or download to Data folder. Restart Metatrader. Add Indicator to any Forex Chart.

MT4 Spread Monitor Indicator

MT4 Spread Monitor Indicator

Best MT4 indicator for tracking and displaying broker spread values. Records highest and lowest daily spread to your Metatrader chart. Current live spread is displayed for comparing against recorded spread values. This in turn gives traders opportunity to enter at premium and favorable low price spreads. Values are reset daily. This top MT4 indicator is free to download. Add to your trading tool box at no-charge.

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Each item we offer is designed to keep traders productive and successful in their every day trading. Our goal is to offer only the best. Full time traders and successful traders download our trading tools. You will not find indicators or expert advisors that may offer assistance, but in reality do little to help you succeed. This site offers quality items that traders will be proud to own. If we were a truck company you would know us as Professional Grade. All items come with free support, free version updates, how to videos, and pdf manuals. There is no waiting period. All items are available to download immediately. If you have questions, we will answer them for you. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Free MT4 Scripts

MT4 Cycle Time Frames Script

MT4 Cycle Time Frames Script

Metatrader script changes the time frame on all your charts at once. Several strategies require traders to look at several time frames before opening a trade. This script makes switching easy. Simply drag and drop, or assign a hot key. Place the script inside your MQL4>Scripts folder, then restart Metatrader. This script is 100% free.

We can customize this to your personal needs. For example, have it switch between 15min and 1 hour only without having to pick options from the input box and/or to not display the input box at all. Custom options start at $15.00 usd. Send your inquiry via email using contact link at the top of this page.

Forex Trade Tutorials

Metatrader Tutorials and Lessons

Learn to effectively use and trade forex with the Metatrader 4 trading platform. These several beginner tutorials will walk you through each feature. Metatrader Tutorials Here

Trade Moving Averages

Easy crossover trade entries and exits when combining moving averages with simple price action definitions. Moving Average Tutorials

Free Fibonacci Trading Lessons

Fibonacci is hard, but not with these videos. Never has Fibonacci trading ever been presented with such a simple approach as what you'll find here. Free Fibonacci Lessons